Kaylah DeGree


Research Assistant

Kaylah DeGree is a research assistant in Dr. Mignonne Guy's lab in the Department of African American Studies. In addition, she supports the investigative team of Project 4 “Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Modified Risk Tobacco Products Evaluation” within the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for the Study of Tobacco Products (P50DA036105; PI Eissenberg). Prior to joining Dr. Guy's lab, she was a psychology research intern with Dr. Vivian Dzokoto (AFAM) where she primarily focused on examining the physiological display of emotions across cultures. Kaylah presented an analysis of proverbs, health, and illness at the 19th Annual Student Research Conference at VCU. In addition to her positions at VCU, she has worked at INOVA hospital where she conducted research and presented on Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA), electronic health/medical records, and primary care incentives at the 2012 Medical Futures Program. In 2014, Kaylah earned a B.S. in psychology from VCU. Her short-term goals are to further her education and develop her research skills by pursuing graduate studies in epidemiology. Kaylah's long-term goals are to pursue a career as an independent research scientist that focuses on chronic disease prevention among racial/ethnic minority and underserved populations.