Community Advisory Board


Ana Edwards – Edwards was born in Los Angeles, California. She possesses a B.A. of Arts degree in Visual Arts from California State Polytechnic University. She also studied at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Edwards is one of the founding members of a Richmond based activist organization titled Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Quality. It was through this organization The Defender’s Sacred Ground Project was born. For eight years, the organization worked tirelessly to reclaim Richmond’s African Burial Ground. Currently, the focus is to inform the community of struggle to preserve Shockhoe Bottom with a memorial park that is 9 acres. Edwards was president of Virginia Friends of Mali from 2009 until 2017. This program sought to develop a relationship between Richmond and Ségou, Mali.

Enjoli Moon – Moon’s multifaceted skill levels have lent themselves to her many titles including: marketing and social media specialist, film curator, and founder and creative director. She takes pride in giving other filmmakers a platform to get their message across to broader audiences through her film festival titled the Afrikana Independent Film Festival. Additionally to her extensive skill set, Moon, was paramount in the expansion of Croaker’s Spot brand. The store has two new locations in the Richmond Metro area. Moon got a degree in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University and uses the information she learned in everything she does.

Iman Shabazz – Shabazz is a Richmond native who has, for 25 years, served his community as an organizer and activist. He takes a peak interest in helping those affected by mass incarceration through his work with New Virginia Majority. Shabazz worked with Governor Terry McAulliffe’s April 22nd order to restore voting rights for 206,000 incarcerated men and women.

Jihad Abdulmumit – Born in Somerspoint, New Jersey in 1954, Abdulmumit, serves as a community activist, motivational speaker, author, and playwright. He always had an intense desire for activism since his teen years. In fact, at the age of sixteen, he joined the Black Panther Party and eventually went underground in the ranks of the Black Liberation Army. Because of his involvement in the Black Panther Party, he was incarcerated as a domestic political prisoner and prisoner of war for 23 years at Lewisburg and Leavenworth Federal penitentiaries. He currently lives in Richmond with his wife and three children. He and his wife own For Our Children Productions which curate original social and political theme orientated performances a year. He also works a Community Case Manager at a free clinic that offers HIV/STI workshops in schools and prisons, does HIV testing in jails/prisons, and case manages HIV + inmates upon their release.

Omilade Janine Bell – Bell serves as president and artistic director of Elegba Folklore Society. The Elegba Folklore Society is a year-round, lively celebration of African and African American culture.