Kevin Clay

Kevin L. Clay, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

School of Education

Commitment to African American Studies

Clay's training as a foundations scholar has allowed him to fully embrace the breadth of educational research’s interdisciplinarity. It is because of this that he has been able to venture into the study of political theory that has informed much of the analysis in his forthcoming book, "I guess this is activism: Youth politicization and free market common sense" (University of Minnesota Press) and forthcoming edited collection, "Claiming the promise and hope of youth anti-citizenship" (University of Minnesota Press). As a political theorist in educational research, Clay is drawn to Black radicalism and have been deeply influenced by the scholarship, writing and intellectual legacies of individuals like Cedric Robinson, Joy James, CLR James, Robin D. G. Kelly, Claudia Jones, Kwame Ture and Amilcar Cabral. In this collective he sees a shared commitment to resisting oppression and exploitation through the written word and through grassroots political struggle—a struggle that understands the problems of race/ism and the problem of class as comorbid and inextricable under capitalist imperialism. Clay's own immersive journey engaged in political education as a scholar has fundamentally informed his desire to more deeply explore how others experience political education.