African American Studies Offers New Internship Opportunities

April 27, 2020

Community engagement is a key value of the Department of African American Studies. Beginning in Fall 2020, students will have new opportunities to engage with the Richmond community thanks to a new internship component that will be added to the department’s core curriculum. In addition to earning course credit and building work experience, students will learn firsthand what they can do with their African American Studies degree after they graduate.

Though the internship will only be required starting in Fall 2020, students had the opportunity to start doing internships for credit this spring. African American Studies professor Dr. Adam Ewing serves as internship coordinator. Once a student signs up, he meets with them to learn more about their interests and goals in order to determine the best fit. The department is working with community partners from non-profits and local government to provide a diverse range of internships. Student interns will work one-on-one with community partners, who will provide opportunities to perform meaningful work for the participating organizations. Organizations students can intern with include Elegba Folklore Society and the Afrikana Film Festival, among others.