Chioke I'Anson is Named Voice of NPR

January 17, 2017

If you've listened to a program on NPR, you may have heard an underwriting announcer list the funding credits, starting with the words "Support for NPR comes from...."

Now, one of those voices is that of African American Studies instructor Chioke I'Anson, PhD. I'Anson was recently named one of the newest voices of NPR. His recordings began playing at the end of November. In addition, his upcoming podcast, Do Over, was recently awarded funding by the NPR Story Lab.

The Department of African American Studies is excited for I'Anson, and thanks to a recent VCU News article, the VCU community will be listening for him when they tune in to NPR.

This semester, I'Anson will share his podcasting experience with his students when he teaches a new AFAM topics course offering, AFAM 491: Podcasting While Black.