New Course for AFAM Majors

April 27, 2020

The Department of African American Studies is committed to offering a curriculum that is relevant and engaging. In Fall 2019, the department introduced a new course to its core curriculum: AFAM 201-Theories and Foundations of Africana Studies. The course, which is designed for Africana American Studies majors, offers a more detailed study of topics that are introduced in AFAM 111-Introduction to Africana Studies. AFAM 201 explores the origins of African American studies in the civil rights and Black Power movements. The course examines critical issues and perspectives in the discipline from its inception to the present day, including but not limited to black nationalism, neo-colonialism, Kawaida theory, black women's studies, Afrocentrism, Egyptology, black queer studies, critical race theory, diaspora theory and community engagement.

AFAM 201 was taught for the first time in the Fall 2019 semester by Dr. Adam Ewing. Students learned about the emergence of the Black Studies field in the 1960s and read works by a variety of notable scholars and authors including Molefi Kete Asante, bell hooks, and Toni Morrison.