Two Sections of AFAM 211 Offered Over Summer

May 12, 2016

Still looking for a summer class? Interested in taking an AFAM course online? African American Studies is offering two online sections of AFAM 211: Africana Social and Political Thought.

This summer, learn about Malcolm, Martin and Marcus.
And Audre and Anna Julia and Angela.
And prisons and Panthers and passing.

AFAM 211 will get you up to speed on the history of ideas birthed in black struggle. This course looks past the Eurocentricism of popular culture to uncover hidden figures and events in the Americas and Africa. From the Haitian Revolution to Black Lives Matter, you can learn in 3 or 4 weeks what would normally take you 15. 

Section one, taught by Chioke I'Anson, will be held from May 23 to June 23. Section two, taught by Awendela Grantham, will be held from May 23 to June 10. Both sections have space available, so reserve your spot today!