African Americans in Paris

Explore the experiences and retrace the footsteps of African Americans who moved to Paris to live and work throughout the last 200 years. This study abroad program is designed to be an active learning component of a semester-long course. The course has a VCU-based component — delivered online — and a Paris component, which will include a series of walking tours.

For a look at what our students have studied and experienced in Paris, check out final projects from previous years.

Course and Credit Options

VCU Education Abroad will enroll students in the course upon receipt of the registration.

Course Description

This course will explore the importance of Paris in the history of African Americans. This will be achieved through an exploration of the experiences and a literal retracing of the footsteps of African Americans who visited, lived and worked in Paris.

The course aims to introduce students to the movement of African Americans to Paris, and the impact of this relocation on their lives and work. In addition, this course will increase participants' ability to communicate ideas verbally and in written work.

Upon completion of the program, a successful student is expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Understand the historical context of the movement of African Americans to Paris
  2. Identify, describe and explain the variation in Paris-related perceptions and experiences
  3. Compare and contrast the differences in the subset of the African Diaspora related to this class
  4. Generate oral products for assessment using independent work and collaboration


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