What can I do with a degree in African American Studies?

What can I do with a degree in African American studies?Some students go into their college majors knowing exactly what they want to do with their degrees, but for many people, college is a time for figuring out what interests them. It isn't always easy to imagine what the future might hold, or how the knowledge and skills you learn in the classroom might help you in your future career.

If you've ever questioned what careers you might be able to pursue with a degree in African American Studies, What Can I Do With a Black Studies Degree?: 700 Answers (5th ed., 2019) by Robert Fikes, Jr. may give you some ideas. Fikes, Librarian Emeritus at San Diego State University, has compiled a list of individuals who majored in Black Studies. We have reproduced the text here, with permission from the author.

Introduction by Robert Fikes, Jr.
Medicine and Health
Science and Technology
Law & Criminal Justice
Politics & Government
Business, Industry, Labor
Performing Arts & Entertainment
Visual & Decorative Arts
Literature, Poetry, Drama
News Media & Publishing
Social & Community Services