AFAM 499 students share their capstone projects

Dec. 13, 2022

Black farming and gardening; the role of churches in Black communities; Black women, hip hop, and Afrofuturism. These are a few of the diverse topics that African American Studies students tackled for their senior capstone projects in 2022.

Every semester, a new group of African American Studies students take AFAM 499: Capstone Seminar in Africana Studies. Over the course of a semester, they apply the skills and knowledge they have gained as AFAM majors to a research project on a topic of their choosing.

This semester, Grace Gipson, PhD and her AFAM 499 students put together a slideshow to share their work and what it means to them.

Fall 2022 AFAM 499 slideshow transcript

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary major, and AFAM majors have diverse goals and interests. This semester's capstone projects are examples of just a few potential applications.