Study Abroad

Study abroad can be a transformative, enriching experience that deepens your understanding and perspective of the African American studies curriculum.

The Department of African American Studies collaborates with other VCU departments to sponsor study abroad programs to different regions of the African Diaspora. Currently, the department supports programs to Barbados and Paris. African American studies majors may be eligible for scholarships.

African Americans in Paris

Designed to be an active learning component of a semester-long course, this study abroad program explores the experiences and retraces the footsteps of African Americans who moved to Paris to live and work throughout the last 200 years.

v.c.u. student posing in front of the denon pavillion in paris

Study Abroad in Barbados

Available through the Department of History, this study abroad opportunity highlights the historical and cultural heritage of the Caribbean at a festive time in Barbados (the Crop Over Festival), when the island is in the midst of celebrating its African cultural traditions through music and dance.

Group picture of v.c.u. students in Barbados study abroad

Other Study Abroad Programs at VCU

VCU Education Abroad offers flexible program options to allow students to find the best fit for their individual goals. Whether you want to travel for a week, a month or a semester, there's a program for you!

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