Dr. Mignonne C Guy

Dr. Mignonne Guy

(804) 828-7038

Ph.D., University of Arizona


Dr. Mignonne Guy is an associate professor in the Department of African American Studies who teaches courses on health inequities in the Black community and other courses in critical race theory and interdisciplinary research methods. She is also a faculty investigator in the Center for Tobacco Studies, and a member of the Massey Cancer Center Cancer Prevention and Control Group at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Prior to her arrival in 2014 at VCU, she held appointments as a research associate in the Department of Health Sciences Research at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and an assistant research scientist in the Center for Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomic Research and a member of the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona. She is a former health disparities scholar for the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities and is currently a Mid-Atlantic Regional Leader for the Intercultural Cancer Council.


Dr. Guy’s research focuses on social, behavioral, biological, and environmental determinants that contribute to health inequities and disparities among racial/ethnic minoritized populations and other marginalized groups. She has a strong interest using an ecosocial lens to examine the complex interplay between distal and proximal factors that influence health and how they shape the health behaviors and outcomes people of African descent. 

Her work utilizes mixed-methods approaches that she applies to transdisciplinary collaborations. 

Broad research interests:
Health inequalities; Cancer prevention and control; Cancer risk behaviors; Racism in biomedical sciences

Substantive research interests:
Substance use: conventional and emerging tobacco products, alcohol, tobacco cessation


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Recent Courses:

Interdisciplinary Research Methods (Undergraduate)

Black Health Matters: Social Determinants of Health in the African American Community (Undergraduate)

Advocacy, Activism, and Social Justice in the Black Community (Undergraduate)

Social Inequalities and Education among African Americans (Undergraduate)

Senior Capstone (Undergraduate)